Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Neighborhood Park Parts 2 and 3

Making friends at the playground.  He especially had fun helping the baby walk and get on equipment. :)

Climbing way up!

These were from trips to the playground portion of our park back when it started getting hot.

Independence Day petting zoo!  There were also bounce house style "rides" (really large inflatable places to climb, slide and jump), and had we been there longer, definitely would have taken advantage of it. Getting out of the house into the car is getting a little easier, but it is still a challenge... 

Cautiously checking out the turkey.  It was very calm.  Guess this is its day job.

Playing with a kid. :)  Oh my, the baby goats were killing me they were so cute!!!

I'm feeling very grateful that this park is so close and has so much going on.  We've been more active and out and about here, which is something I'd hoped for with the move.

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